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A historic site

In the early 1900s, this land and the surrounding streets formed a 23-hectare park called "Parc Joly", named after its owner Mr Albert Joly. The Joly estate included a château, a park, an orchard and a farm. Today, nothing remains of these buildings, and only the beautiful, centuries-old rhododendrons bear witness to this era.

In 2014, we fell under the spell of this beautiful garden on the edge of the forest. The period greenhouse, the space for our children and the proximity of the woods immediately appealed to us. We quickly put down our suitcases in this pretty corner of paradise.
As the months went by, we got to grips with our new home. We are attending courses organised in the village to learn how to look after our greenhouse, which houses 10 vines. Overijse table grapes - Léopold, Royal, Muscat, Baidor, Frankenthal - are renowned throughout the country.

As well as our dog Nestor, our cats, our tortoises and our chickens, we also welcome a family of Cameroonian sheep, renowned for their friendliness and resistance to the cold.
We are also becoming beekeepers, opting for beekeeping that respects the bees, leaving them the honey they need and limiting human intervention.

The bees in our hives come from a local breed and are very friendly. You'll never see them hovering around you, preferring to pollinate the surrounding trees.
And then one day, we had the idea of sharing this nature and these beautiful stories with you...

JOLY Tiny House was carefully chosen and designed. We used the honeycomb built by the bee as a model, a perfectly shaped small space that meets every need like a cosy little cocoon.

A perfectly eco-friendly little wooden house.
JOLY Tiny House was handmade, 100% to measure just as we imagined it and just as we dreamt it.
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The Clos Joly greenhouse is an authentic old Overijse greenhouse where we now grow several types of table grapes. The greenhouses in the region are now listed as historic buildings.

In winter 2020, we will be undertaking major restoration work with a company specialising in greenhouses in Overijse and Hoeilaart. The work will take 4 months to rebuild the greenhouse as it was in the old days.

With Covid coming and going, companies were looking for outdoor venues to bring their teams together. The idea of opening our beautiful greenhouse to professional events was born.
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